my postpartum essentials

We welcomed our dear boy, Rhodes Woodson Dodge on October 29th at 10:12 pm via a powerful water birth and I have been weepy with gratitude for such a blessing. He is an answer to many prayers.

I’ve regarded this postpartum period as sacred time. I stayed in bed the first 10 days; enjoying, resting, healing, adjusting. I recognize my privilege in this but give yourself permission to stay in your nest if you are able. It makes such a difference.

I am 1 month PP now and Im sharing the things that have made the 4th trimester either more comfortable or more enjoyable for mama and baby. Here is my list of items that have been absolutely essential and so helpful.

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The Nursery/ from a little closet to a little boys room.

Kids rooms feel like heaven to me. I gravitate to them in the house and tend to linger, rest and retreat there. This little nursery was particularly special to put together; for a rainbow baby we’ve waited for for some time and now, at long last, we are days/weeks away from meeting him. We’ve always put our home to work for us in whatever way we need in and out of different seasons of life; this nursery is a closet in my master bedroom. It served its purpose as a closet for a time and then I moved my things into my husband’s closet and we turned it into a playroom for the girls. When the girls playroom transitioned to a schoolroom we got rid of the guest room to accommodate a bigger school space, freeing up this little ensuite closet once more just in time for a baby brother to take it over. I’ll be here in the quiet of the night with a new baby, in a cosy little room just a step away from my bed. Dreamy dreamy.

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Summer/Fall Closet: maternity (and beyond)


I have a hard time buying clothes specifically tailored to pregnancy. I do like to purchase 1 or 2 good maternity jeans and spend the rest on dresses that I can layer through different seasons, that will accommodate the growing bump and that I can see myself loving and wearing years beyond those maternity months.

Here’s what’s in my closet currently. mostly, a few feminine dresses, sweaters for layering and a couple good pairs of shoes. (I had planned to shoot in some basic tennis shoes as well to show how a Summer look can easily segue into Fall but am currently wearing my Sandgren clogs with everythingggg and just kept reaching for those. but I have included the link to the pair I’ll swap ’em for come Fall.)

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Cozy winter basics for home + beyond

Hello! This winter I’ve made a resolve to focus on leisure wear, or cozy basics that can transition from home to beyond if need be because they’re just that pretty. I’ve been wearing the same giraffe pajama pants I got for christmas when I was somewhere between 12 and 15 years old up until this point and they’ve become somewhat of a comfort item, oh I love those giraffe pants. Aside from those, its a combo of old workout clothes and my husbands T-shirts, so, it was time!

Here are a few of my favorite things!

LETT clothing

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Fall Uniform Dressing: a capsule closet


Uniform dressing is as simple as it sounds. Keep only what you love, wear only what you love. Every single day the act of dressing will be simplified, you’ll feel YOU in the clothes you chose and will quickly realize how this effects, or leaves room for other things in your life. Fall is a fantastic time to put this into practice, here I’m showing you looks based off of 3 pairs of pants, a handful of comfy knits, basics, and only 2 pairs of shoes. Continue reading “Fall Uniform Dressing: a capsule closet”