Holiday Gift guide: mama and kiddo

Ive gotten a few requests for christmas gift recommendations for your little ones so I put together a few of our favorite things. These gift ideas are things we own and play with every day so I hope you find them helpful when making your christmas lists.

I also included a gift guide for mama, things that are either on my own christmas wish list, or intentional items that I own and love. lets start with that!

Mama gift guide

1. Slippers/ 2. Walter filter/ 3. Turkish throw/ 4. coffee table book / 5.linen PJ’s/ 6. motherhood drawing/ 7. coffee table book/ 8. cashmere hot water bottle cover9. Mules/ 10. genuine sheepskin

Toddler Gift Guide

1. tea set/ 2. rainbow stacker/ 3. easel/ 4.kinetic sand/ 5. nesting dolls/ 6. baby doll/ 7. train set/ 8. play kitchen  (blog post coming soon)  / 9. quilt / 10. book/ 11. natural blocks /12. cutting food 

We do lots of Hand Eye coordination activities and my girls favorites are those nesting dolls, stacking puzzle and blocks. Hazel especially loves playing with the kitchen and magnetic food and Norah takes care of her baby doll all day. We set up the easel most days after their nap. I’ve included their favorite book at the moment as well as the girls favorite blankets. These are the things you’ll find around our house well loved and used every day.


Happy Holidays!


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