Capsule Wardrobe

Its been nearly a year of uniform dressing and honestly, I still feel great in the same outfit. Mostly a variation of a linen button down and some levi’s but this season I challenged myself to create a variety of different outfits using a few staple pieces, here’s what I came up with using 2 great sweaters, a jacket blazer, a linen top and some really great jeans…  I know what you’re thinking, “Lindy, you’re showing me the same dang outfit over and over again.” Well, I mean, you’re kind of correct. thats the beauty of uniform dressing. You stick to what you’re good at, I make no apologies for this.


Exhibit A: I’m a sucker for some good fitting pants and basically I wear this linen button down every day.


blouse (mines vintage banana republic but heres 2 similar options) SIMILAR, SIMILAR

Now, just throw a GOOD sweater on over that!


Next Up:
I’m an apron person: apron when I cook, when I clean, when I’m feeding my kids, when I sew, when I garden. I like living in aprons because they’re beautiful and help me accomplish lots of my everyday things.

Now change into these great jeans and add a blazer jacket



If I’m not wearing my linen shirt, I’m wearing this sweater. its vintage Jcrew but heres something similar.


And here’s my curveball. Also, I’m no professional fashion blogger, don’t judge me for the wrinkly linen!
wrap dress


Keep your closet paired down to ONLY the pieces you feel the best in. It leaves room in your life for more of the good stuff.

Luvs, Lindy

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