New baby must haves

I have received countless requests to compile a list of must haves for your new baby. A lot of the time its expectant twin moms, truthfully the things you need aren’t much different when welcoming two. I’ll be sure to add notes along the way for those twin mamas.

before we dive in, I’ll mention that most of the things I’ve included are all compiled on my amazon storefront to make it as easy as possible for you to make lists of your own and shop directly. You can find that HERE.

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Lets start with sleep:

What I’m suggesting here looks a little different than what we did with our twins but its what I’ll plan to do with the next one (no, I’m not pregnant). I have some notes at the bottom of this post talking more about what we did with the sleep situation with twins.

Snuggle Me Organic a staple item, use it right in the bassinet next to your bed.

L’oved Baby organic cotton sleepers, just plan on having your newborn live in these.

We loved the Halo sleep sack for swaddling. in the winter it was a onesie underneath and the fleece halo wrapped tight and then in the summer we’d do a sleeper underneath the cotton halo swaddle. both are linked in my amazon store.

Bib pacifier. These weren’t around when we had the girls but they sure are pretty and I’ve heard great things. we used Natursutten and those are wonderful too.

A really beautiful rolling bassinet with interchangeable mattress height that breaks down for easy storage.

These gauze swaddles are the only ones we used with the girls and you can also use them as bath towels.

A good white noise machine is KEY. We’ve tried a few but really like this one because its an actual fan and not synthetic noise.


This Frida Kit is a really wonderful baby essentials grooming kit and makes for an excellent baby shower gift.

The PUJ tub, we didn’t love it but didn’t hate it. The draw here was use for sink baths. we bathed them that way until they were big enough to come in the tub with me every night.

Some soft hooded towels, these ones are so nice and stay fresh and new looking wash after wash.

Stainless steal is the key for diaper pales. it helps with the smell! this one sold me though because you don’t need to buy special bags.

Wipes warmer, not a necessity but nice!

My favorite natural ointment for diaper rash, dry skin, cracked lips etc.

The peanut changer is on the pricer side but it was important to me because I was going to be changing double the bum and I didn’t want to bother with added laundry. its wipeable and its pretty!

I kept the girls in basic kimono onesies for months. The kimono sides are so great for protecting their little heads.

We used cloth diapers as burp cloths but truth be told, my girls never spit up so those never got much use around here.


Im going to say this a few times in this post, but get the lightest carseat on the market, especially if you are having twins! we used this Maxi Cosi one and loved it!

I am a big attachment style advocate. I loved to wear my girls even if I couldn’t wear them at the same time. I found that the Solly baby wraps were ideal for that newborn stage over all the other types of carriers on the market.

We used a carseat canopy every time we left the house, less distractions for them and a peaceful experience for me.

I’ve gone through SO.MANY.DIAPERBAGS. I needed a backpack style because, twins and finally found my favorite! this Birdling backpacker

I love a good stroller clip, super useful for grocery bags, diaper bags etc.

And I’ll mention you’ll obviously need a good stroller. With twins, we didn’t have a ton of options but went with the Baby Jogger City Select, it got the job done.


Notice that I don’t have a breastfeeding pillow here, we used the My Brest Friend twin pillow and it was only good for the first couple of weeks until it just became so giant and cumbersome, I switched it out for a king size bed pillow and that was much better!

I still live in these soft nursing bras even after nursing!

The mini fridge! this was my husbands idea so that i wouldn’t have to go downstairs all night to refrigerate the breast milk I was pumping. I would nurse both girls every 2 hours at night and then pump for 15 minutes after. I did this for the first month too that my supply could meet the demand.

A pretty and affordable high chair when the time comes, at around 6 months.

We used these ComoTomo bottles in the very beginning when my husband helped feed in the night with my pumped milk.

Make sure to call your insurance company to see if they cover your breast pump, most likely they do! We used this Medela one and really liked it.

Around the house:

A good swing was a must. it let me put one down while I fed or tended to the other and they did take some good naps in there.

You’ll need somewhere to put them around the house, we loved these bjorn bouncers when I cooked and cleaned or when you need to take a shower.


my personal experience and answers to some frequently asked questions for twin mamas:
Lay in bed with those babies for as long as you can. I spent the first month in bed. It may feel overwhelming getting used to meeting the needs of two infants, go slow. Protect that fourth trimester as sacred time because it is.

If its your goal to nurse them both, don’t give up! I nursed mine for 26 months! You may find that people will say you can’t do it, they are usually saying it out of love, giving you permission to quit if you want. But if it’s important to you and you find that your body is able to, it will be such a blessing in your life.

Buy the lightest carseat on the market. I have it linked above. you’ll be carrying one on each arm a lot.

For sleep: they slept together in 1 moses basket all swaddled up right by my bed until they outgrew it and needed to move to their own basket. This was before the Snuggle Me organic came out. If I had to do it again I would probably keep them in the same larger bassinet like the one I linked above with two separate snuggle me organics. I’m not going to give any sleep advice other than to say, do everything you can to protect your sleep! I did not do this and ended up on the edge of actual insanity by 15 months. For me, I didn’t know how to put two babies to bed at the same time as a first time mom so I settled on nursing them to sleep. I would suggest getting in a good routine of nursing/feeding them until drowsy but laying them down still awake. Mine had no idea how to self soothe and honestly we are still terrible sleepers over here.

For travel: the lightest car seats on the market as I mentioned, and we always kept their little carseat canopy/stretchy nursing cover thing over them when we left the house. The less distractions for them while we were out made for peaceful babies in my experience. A good double stroller is really important obviously. We used the baby jogger city select, I don’t have a ton of good or bad to say about it, it worked well for us. And then put a giant stroller clip on the handlebar for your diaper bag or grocery bags etc.

You are a lucky mama, having twins is SUCH a blessing.

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Luvs, Lindy

3 thoughts on “New baby must haves

  1. I am having such a hard time nursing both, my son always hungry and I had to start supplementing. Any suggestions on producing more milk? It’s so hard with twins. I want to nurse at least a year. They are only 3 months. Did feeding and pumping 10 min actually help? They both had lip/ thong tie and we got that fixed a week ago but supply still sucks.


    1. Zhanna, so sorry that you are struggling with this. Every body is different, for me, we stayed home and I feel like we nursed all day long in the beginning. Are you nursing them together at the same time? That helped me because there was a surge of let downs with both breasts expressing milk. And feeding and then pumping during those hours at night is what the lactation consultant told me to do so that’s what we did, it probably had a lot to do with my success. I know it’s a lot, it won’t always feel that way, I promise! My girls didn’t have ties like yours, that can be a big deal when getting in the rythym of nursing. Give it some time to see if they’ll adjust now that it’s been corrected. I can only speak from experience, it was worth the hardship in the beginning but you are doing exactly right by them to supplement. Do whatever works best for your family to thrive! Keep me posted on your progress!


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