Beeswax reusable food wraps – a tutorial


I’m focusing on less waste and at the same time working beauty into functionality. Ive been using these wraps everyday and have found countless uses. This recipe is fantastic!


I am a DIY’er by nature because I love the process of bringing an idea into being. With that said, the materials you’ll need to purchase here may be a little spendier than just buying a pack of pre-made wraps, (I’ve added a few sets to my shop, if this sounds more attractive than making your own), but the materials will get you a lot of wraps and the know-how to make them. I like learning new hand skills, if that’s you too, give it a try! All the extras make fantastic house warming gifts.

This recipe gets you 4 sets of 3 sizes. a 8″, 10″ and 12″ wrap.
Here’s what you’ll need:

1.5 yards of thin 100% cotton fabric
method for cutting: best method is to use a rotary blade, ruler and mat as shown
pinking sheers if you don’t want your edges to fray.
this Beeswax Bar
a cheap paintbrush
large baking sheet

Start by cutting out your fabric. I used a simple cotton from my local Joann craft store. I cut mine at 8″, 10″ and 12″ squares and then used pinking sheers to ensure the edges wouldn’t fray as I used the wraps.



Set up a station in your kitchen next to the oven by laying out a garbage bag and a large clean baking sheet. Set your oven to 220*.


A lot of tutorials will tell you to grate the beeswax bar but I found that to be nearly impossible. The beeswax is rock solid. The better method was to melt it down using a double boiler and then dabbing it on as shown. I’ll note here that I have a junky old pot for these types of projects. This beeswax mixture is really quite sticky.


You’ll be able to fit about 4 on a large baking sheet with some overlap at a time. Go ahead and pop that in the preheated 220* oven for about 5 minutes and start working on blotting another round of fabric. A tip to keep the stove on low as your beeswax may start to set up again while off of heat. you’ll want to pop it back in that boiling water to melt it down again.


At about 5 minutes in the oven the wax will start melting into the fabric. Just slide the rack out a bit and use your paintbrush to smooth it all out and really soak it into the fabric evenly. let it go back in the oven another minute or so.


Once they were perfectly soaked in wax, I just peeled them from the sheet one by one and waved them about to “air dry” (this only takes a second), once they were cool enough I draped them on the back of a dining room chair to completely set up. You can also hang them on a clothesline.


To care for them, I’d recommend washing with cold water and a mild dish soap. Hot water may wear the waxy coating quicker than you’d like. Don’t use them to store meat. They will have an initial tacky feeling but that goes away pretty quickly while the cling stays! They should last up to a year! ENJOY.

And again, heres the listing to a pack in my shop.

Luvs, Lindy




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