Fall Uniform Dressing: a capsule closet


Uniform dressing is as simple as it sounds. Keep only what you love, wear only what you love. Every single day the act of dressing will be simplified, you’ll feel YOU in the clothes you chose and will quickly realize how this effects, or leaves room for other things in your life. Fall is a fantastic time to put this into practice, here I’m showing you looks based off of 3 pairs of pants, a handful of comfy knits, basics, and only 2 pairs of shoes.

Before we begin, here’s my biggest tip: head to the thrift store! Most everything aside from the pants and shoes were thrifted or made by hand. Regardless of your ability to make your own clothing, if you like linen and natural fiber sweaters, most likely you’ll have luck at the thrift store. In fact, every single sweater in this post is thrifted. I’ve scored a Brooks Brothers sweater made from pure camel wool (originally $350) for $8. An Aritzia alpaca sweater (originally $150) for $10, vintage Tommy Hilfiger, vintage Banana Republic, and that cashmere sweater I found last week for ONE DOLLAR. I can always find linen in their blouse section too.

Here’s the winning combo (for me), a linen or white blouse and some dang good jeans. A clog, a mule, or a cute tennis shoe. A wool or natural fiber sweater. Put together, effortless and classic.


Lets talk about these jeans. Im not making any guarantees but I definitely found my jean match made in heaven with the Levi Wedgie fit.
Linen button down: this one pictured is J.crew and appears to only have a few left in stock. I found this one for WAY cheaper and still 100% linen and looks to me like the same color!
I also love these Clogs

Now lets take a linen tee and make a few different outfits with it:



Linen tee (mine is handmade but heres one similar), Or this.
shearling jacket: mine was found at a thrift store without a brand. heres a fantastic alternative
camal knit sweater: this is the Brooks Brothers thrifted sweater but heres one similar, and this
wool jacket: mine is Gap from a few seasons ago, heres one similar, or this

A linen boxy tee, a couple different ways:


My linen tee is handmade but heres one similar.
White jeans: these are Gap that I just bought last week and are already out of stock! these were a strong contender in my white pants search.

Another white blouse/good jeans combo:


vintage Tommy Hillfiger sweater. (similar here)
Another great white linen blouse


I LOVE THESE WHITE JEANS! Mine are from Gap but are sold out. These are perfectly similar.



The grey sweater is the Aritzia sweater I found at the thrift store. heres one similar.
The Camel sweater is the Brooks Brothers thrift store find. I linked similar ones near the top of this post. But here is another cable knit one I like!
The shearling jacket was a… thrift store find (sorry this isn’t helpful!), Here’s a fantastic alternative.
My sneakers


A classic linen dress. I linked the same dress, looks like its only available in white right now.


Here’s my $1 cashmere thrift store find. So moral of this entire story: head to the thrift store. This time of year they have such a great selection of knits, you’ll be able to find some pretty classic styles.

I’ll leave you with some thoughts on “fast fashion” and sustainability. My approach is to thrift or make by hand first and foremost. And even more so, what I am making by hand is usually from scrap linen; the remnants from my little shop. There may be one or two pieces from a sustainable brand that I’m able to save up for, ( a side note on this, when you focus on less and buy quality pieces, you won’t need to completely blow the clothing budget because these pieces will last longer and if you’ve transitioned to a paired down closet anyways those pieces can be attainable). I do supplement my wardrobe with basics like the sneakers from Old Navy and those Gap jeans and thats alright with me when mixed in sparingly. Anyways, do the best you can and a lot of times that is living within your means! I follow the “thrift, make, purchase” guidelines and am pretty proud with what I can come up with.

Luvs, Lindy