Summer/Fall Closet: maternity (and beyond)


I have a hard time buying clothes specifically tailored to pregnancy. I do like to purchase 1 or 2 good maternity jeans and spend the rest on dresses that I can layer through different seasons, that will accommodate the growing bump and that I can see myself loving and wearing years beyond those maternity months.

Here’s what’s in my closet currently. mostly, a few feminine dresses, sweaters for layering and a couple good pairs of shoes. (I had planned to shoot in some basic tennis shoes as well to show how a Summer look can easily segue into Fall but am currently wearing my Sandgren clogs with everythingggg and just kept reaching for those. but I have included the link to the pair I’ll swap ’em for come Fall.)


Starting with a perfect seasonal transition outfit. I wear this sweater every chance I get. I am a professional sweater wearer and this one is my tops.


I promised I’d throw in some sewing patterns as well. Both the linen wrap skirt and pants I made, here’s the links! Skirt, Pants

And the shoes I’m currently living in! Sandgren Stockholm clogs in Cognac


Long linen button down (I purchased this top in the tall option for maternity and its perfect!)
Maternity Jeans 
Crochet blouse



I wear these two floral cotton dresses a couple times a week!


I really like this feminine fluted dress trend! Here’s the one I’m wearing and another I love!


This overall maternity dress is old but here’s an overall style similar


Alpaca sweater 

And I hate to show you this dress without a proper link (I can only find it on the UK website) but maybe it will come back in stock!



Favorite Summer/ Fall shoes:
Sandgren clogs 
Avarcas Pons
Superga tennis shoes

Screen Shot 2020-08-14 at 12.10.19 AM

Enjoy the last bits of summer!
Luvs, Lindy


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