The Nursery/ from a little closet to a little boys room.

Kids rooms feel like heaven to me. I gravitate to them in the house and tend to linger, rest and retreat there. This little nursery was particularly special to put together; for a rainbow baby we’ve waited for for some time and now, at long last, we are days/weeks away from meeting him. We’ve always put our home to work for us in whatever way we need in and out of different seasons of life; this nursery is a closet in my master bedroom. It served its purpose as a closet for a time and then I moved my things into my husband’s closet and we turned it into a playroom for the girls. When the girls playroom transitioned to a schoolroom we got rid of the guest room to accommodate a bigger school space, freeing up this little ensuite closet once more just in time for a baby brother to take it over. I’ll be here in the quiet of the night with a new baby, in a cosy little room just a step away from my bed. Dreamy dreamy.

I always start a space by putting elements together on a mood board. Here’s what I came up with. Where I ended is reminiscent of this, quite different still, but just right.

Wallpaper! Because the slant of the ceiling, I decided to wallpaper all the way up and am so glad I did, it really makes the room. I worked with Wallpaperie to custom create it based off of a paint color I gave her and a toile design by Peacoquette. Her papers are completely customizable, you can even design something from scratch! It’s offered in peel and stick (removable!!) and pre pasted. We went with the pre pasted and I admit, was intimidated to install it, but I got some energy late one night to tackle it and ended up completing the entire room, largely pregnant, by myself, slanted ceiling and all in only a few hours! A totally doable project, even for a complete novice. I talked in depth about the wallpaper in my instagram stories as well, saved in the nursery highlight!

The two landscape art pieces are by Hannah Winters. Aren’t they so lovely!

The canopy I was originally planning on making myself but on an IKEA trip I found this white one for $9.99 and could not pass it up!
I found the marble top side table on Facebook Marketplace for $40 and the little alabaster lamp with the most perfect pleated lamp shade was one of the first things I found for the room and at Goodwill no less!
The Peter Rabbit sham, Striped duvet

The wardrobe was a very good Facebook Marketplace find! its so perfect for the space.
I reupholstered the chair in this gingham and made the matching ottoman from an ikea ottoman. My husband put oak rails on the bottom to convert it to a rocking chair.
The bookshelf is an IKEA spice rack.

I made that little sheep play gym and am hoping to share a quick tutorial on my Instagram for it before the baby arrives!
The tiny quilt on the wall was found at a junk store that I used to go to as a kid with my mom when we would visit my aunt and uncle. My brother recently moved to that area so on a recent trip to visit him we stopped in, having not been there since childhood and found this sweet little quilt.
Beautifully soft off white rug from Nordic Knots really grounds the space and keeps the room feeling neutral even with a busy wallpaper design.
Sheepskin is from Overland in the color Linen.
Cashmere baby blanket from Jenni Kayne.

A favorite find for the space is the babybay Bedside Sleeper (shown in the bassinet conversion). I was instantly passionate about babybay when I found them on Pinterest! It checked off ALL of my boxes. The closets in our old house have very narrow door widths; we knew we wanted to co sleep with a bedside sleeper but I could not find anything that would roll in and out of this doorway. Because this room is right next to my bed, I wanted it to be convenient to roll him in for nap time so my twin girls can play without waking him. I also like the idea of transitioning him to his “own room” while still being very close to me, a little sooner than we did with the girls. (I have post traumatic stress from our twin sleep situation). And because this room is so small, I loved how the bassinet is a crescent shape, fitting up against the wall and giving me a bit more room for the side table and rocking chair. The color of the natural wood is so beautiful too. A couple more things to note; the height of the mattress is fully adjustable to meet up with your bedside and you have the option of putting two bedside sleepers together to make it a full size crib as baby grows!

The babybay shown in the bedside sleeper conversion.

Really so overjoyed with how it all came out. It was lovingly prepared and we wait with such anticipation to meet him!

Luvs, Lindy

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