my postpartum essentials

We welcomed our dear boy, Rhodes Woodson Dodge on October 29th at 10:12 pm via a powerful water birth and I have been weepy with gratitude for such a blessing. He is an answer to many prayers.

I’ve regarded this postpartum period as sacred time. I stayed in bed the first 10 days; enjoying, resting, healing, adjusting. I recognize my privilege in this but give yourself permission to stay in your nest if you are able. It makes such a difference.

I am 1 month PP now and Im sharing the things that have made the 4th trimester either more comfortable or more enjoyable for mama and baby. Here is my list of items that have been absolutely essential and so helpful.

For Mama

1/ soft nursing nightgown
2/ postpartum jeans
3/ giant insulated mug
4/ best nursing bras
5/ soft pj set
6/ herbal perineal spray
7/ Belly Bandit
8/ Always underpants
9/ Frida mom peri bottle
10/ haakaa pump
11/ nursing pads
12/ tincture for postpartum uterine contractions
13/ shearling slippers

For Baby

1/ Snuggle Me Organic
2/ Solly baby wrap
3/ baby carry cot
4/ Wildbird ring sling
5/ small sheepskin
6/ Babybay bedside sleeper
7/ Lectrofan sound machine
8/ colic calm
9/ baby swing
10/ bouncer

I hope this is helpful! I honestly use every single item listed on the daily. Enjoy this time, there is something so special about a new baby in the home.


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