Holiday gift guides

I’ve gathered some tried and true gift ideas for the men and kids in your life and a few things to add to your own wishlist, though these things would be great for your mother, sister, friend too! Mostly it’s a compilation of things we already own and either use everyday or that add to our joy.

Lets start with the hardest to shop for!

For the men

1/ Shearling slippers. The only thing my husband asked for this year!
2/ Airpods! and a leather case for them.
3/ Leather macbook skin
4/ The perfect Tshirt and basics: and my husband KNOWS his stuff when it comes to Tshirts
5/ Sonos. We have multiple and use them throughout the house every day.
6/ Cinemood. We have family movie night every friday night!
7/ A mug that keeps his drink endlessly hot.

For the women

1/ A BIG beautiful terracotta bowl
2/ More than a great coffee table book!
3/ Best cashmere lounge set.
4/ My every day favorite sweater! use Code LINDY20 for 20% off and size way down.
5/ A very fun shearling mule!
6/ A mini alabaster lamp! and a great price.
7/ I use this snazzy little tool daily. It combs off all the pilling on sweaters!
8/ The glassware I asked for for christmas. so elegant!
9/ A portable carpet and upholstery cleaner. This is on my christmas list! I have so much light colored furniture that needs a good scrubbing.
10/ My favorite cookware!

For the kids

The girls favorite things are their bikes and their baby dolls with all the little accessories. Hours of play everyday. I’ve also compiled a ton of Montessori activities here that would make great gifts if you are interested!

1/ Balance bikes. The best gift you can give to a 2.5-5 year old in my opinion!
2/ Doll Highchair
3/ Doll diaper bag and accessories
4/ wooden balancing stones
5/ Doll stroller. And another cute one!
6/ First digital camera
7/ Felt play food
8/ Our favorite dolls!
9/ A little play makeup set. On the girls christmas list this year
10/ Getting the girls this karaoke microphone too.

I hope this helps!

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