Fall Uniform Dressing: a capsule closet


Uniform dressing is as simple as it sounds. Keep only what you love, wear only what you love. Every single day the act of dressing will be simplified, you’ll feel YOU in the clothes you chose and will quickly realize how this effects, or leaves room for other things in your life. Fall is a fantastic time to put this into practice, here I’m showing you looks based off of 3 pairs of pants, a handful of comfy knits, basics, and only 2 pairs of shoes. Continue reading “Fall Uniform Dressing: a capsule closet”

New baby must haves

I have received countless requests to compile a list of must haves for your new baby. A lot of the time its expectant twin moms, truthfully the things you need aren’t much different when welcoming two. I’ll be sure to add notes along the way for those twin mamas.

before we dive in, I’ll mention that most of the things I’ve included are all compiled on my amazon storefront to make it as easy as possible for you to make lists of your own and shop directly. You can find that HERE.

Screen Shot 2019-02-19 at 9.09.22 PM

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Capsule Wardrobe

Its been nearly a year of uniform dressing and honestly, I still feel great in the same outfit. Mostly a variation of a linen button down and some levi’s but this season I challenged myself to create a variety of different outfits using a few staple pieces, here’s what I came up with using 2 great sweaters, a jacket blazer, a linen top and some really great jeans…  I know what you’re thinking, “Lindy, you’re showing me the same dang outfit over and over again.” Well, I mean, you’re kind of correct. thats the beauty of uniform dressing. You stick to what you’re good at, I make no apologies for this.


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